Chronic cookies for Santa

The way I figure it, Santa is going east to west and so he’ll be hitting my place in Seattle last. I’ve been naughty this year so I’m screwed but when he see’s the cookies I left out for him I think he will change his mind. Or he’ll be so stoned that he’ll leave his sack of goodies.

Really, all we are doing is taking the basic sugar cookie Recipe and substituting Budda for normal butter. If you haven’t already, please read this before cooking with Marijuana.

But its the holidaze, get inspired, add some peppermint or chocolate chips, For some reason these cookies turn out way better when you make them with other cool people.

One other thing, use a timer. I know you’re going to eat the dough and you’ll get stoned and forget about the cookies and burn them, and Santa doesn’t like burnt cookies.

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Regardless of what flavor you find your faith, have a very safe and happy Holidaze.


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