Roasted Red Peppers

In the pepper article I wrote about how much the flavor of a simple red pepper can change by roasting it. I know my readers and I know you love to play with fire. This works best if you have a gas stove but if not, a propane torch works well. Go invest in one cause at some point you’ll want to make Creme brulees, trust me, you will.

Its really a very simple process. but like everything in the Kitchen, every Chef has there own way of doing it. Since you’re cooking at home I’m going to show you the quick and easy way to do this.

Mise En Place

  • A knife and board. 
  • A Mixing bowl half filled with ice water
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tongs
  • Fire
  • 3 red bell peppers


  • Slice em into thirds or quarters, cut out the white pith and seeds
  • Place them flat on a gas grill or burner SKIN SIDE DOWN. 
  • Keep an eye on them. You want the skin to burn and turn black but you don’t want to burn the pepper itself. Move them around as needed.
  • You know they are good n roasted when they go from firm to limp
  • Place them into the mixing bowl and cover with plastic wrap to seal it.
  • Let the peppers sit for a few minutes and then clean them off by rubbing the skin.
  • Enjoy.

Other notes : Keep in mind that I’m only using bell peppers as an example, by all means play with this idea !!!! Every type has its own characteristics but the method I just gave you can be used for all types. There are some things that I use both raw and roasted peppers in for the contrast and because it sounded cool and tasted great. As always, try to do as much of your shopping as you can at the local farmers market since they have the best deals on great produce. Don’t settle for shitty food.

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