Yes, we have not one, not two but four count em FOUR books for your reading pleasure.

Industry Standard

It’s just about everything you ever needed to know about the realities of running a Kitchen and how to address small problems before they become major issues. From how to write a menu to how to deal with addiction in your staff, this book will help make your life a whole lot easier.

Places to Pee in the South

Love history? Hate racists? Planning a road trip through the American South and want to make your trip a bit more memorable? This book takes a unique look at the original participation prizes and why they are still standing. From rural courthouse lawns to state battlefields, you’re never too far from a makeshift rest area where you can pay proper respects to trash.

Life In Randori

Names and locations have been altered for good reason but the simple principles remain. From strip clubs in Virginia to the jungles of Hawaii, truth is often stranger than fiction. From the critically ignored mind of Seth MacKenzie, Life in Randori is a collection of “Essays” detailing events experienced on the road less traveled. Both unorthodox and heartfelt, it pushes the limits while remaining grounded that seamlessly blends drugs, morality, and humor in a way that can only come from direct experience. Equal parts profane and profound, the author embraces his disfunction and craving for chaos in a way that’s both relatable and original.


Over the past 27 years, I’ve managed to have somehow worked in 108 Kitchens from Maine to Hawaii. This is what happened.

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