Tales from the road

I haven’t been everywhere but I’ve damn sure been around. All in all it’s hard to say what I learned or if you’ll learn anything from the following. If anything, I hope it inspires you to get off your ass and buy a ticket into the strange. Life is way too short to worry about having a plan.

High as a Kite with the Violent Femmes

The one and only Brian Ritchie was cool enough to answer a few questions about life on the road..

Going back to what I do best

I damn sure didn’t expect to go back out on the road but here I am, living in a recording studio on a farm in the middle of nowhere.

How goat cheese opened my eyes

Some of the most amazing things can happen when you least expect it.

The dos and donts of the Booty call

Make sure you read this so that you can make the most of these relationships

Dude, this isn’t your car

I miss the 90’s….

Down on the Farm

So we’re clear, I was the one who stopped the virgin from milking the bull.

Helpful hints on taking the Bus:

Forget about the guide books, read this before you travel.

Orcas Island

This place was way too white for me. But I still had fun until I got fired for what is still the dumbest reason possible.


This trip started badly and ended worse.