The Documentary

March 19th, 2019

Well fuck, it’s looking like, by some miracle I’m going to do this. Despite more setbacks then I’ve ever faced, I’ll be leaving at dawn on April 5th and heading south then west then…..

I’ve got a “plan” but lets face it, things will come up and it’s best to just say out of my own way on this. No matter how much I prepare myself and the bike, no matter what kind of gear or lights or maps I have, things will get weird and the only thing I can do is stay centered when it does.

Last year at this time I was stressed about doing 3 events in 5 days while taking the bus and this year I’m doing 4 in 4 before I even make it to the west coast on a smaller budget. This makes opening a new restaurant seem like a walk in the park.

Want to help?

3/21…..details coming soon…..

Sept 10th 2018: We are back on the road filming the second leg of the documentary so by all means, stay tuned, until then, here’s the first leg…

Yes, the rumors are true and much to everyone’s surprise, we pulled it off. Now I’m starting to go through everything and edit 60 hours of footage into something worth watching.

Here are the cliff notes:

Food is the great unifier and I’ve often said that there’s way too much ego and not enough heart in the Kitchen. So I decided to do something.

We went to some strange places, met with some amazing Chef’s and collaborated with them to create small private dinners for groups of people that wouldn’t normally sit down together.

Things did not go as planned. LA…. really man? But whatever, it’s Rock n Roll.

With any luck we will have some kind of rough cut in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more