The recipes

While we rebuild this thing, here’s a list of what we’ve got republished so far. No, it’s not in any kind of order, just deal with it for now, you might find something cool and unexpected. If there is something you want to see, comment and I’ll get on it.

The Classic Creme Brulee: No matter how many times I make this it never gets old.

Furikake : It makes white rice magical

Tempura batter: The furikake goes great with this classic, light and crunchy batter

Hawaiian corndogs : You use the Tempura batter to make these and you want to make these

Guacamole: This stuff takes all of five minutes to make from scratch so you don’t have an excuse to not make it from scratch

Smoked Eggs: If you’re playing with a smoker, you need to put a few of these on the side so that you can make….

Deviled Eggs: These are a classic side that’s easy to make a day ahead of time and they’re always a crowd pleaser.

Whipped Cream: Never buy that shit from the store again

Pickled Red Onions: Simple and clean with a ton of flavor

Fried Plantains: These can be made in a matter of minutes and will be eaten just as fast

Elote: This grilled corn dish is hard not to love

Quiche: It’s more or less an egg pie that you can fill what whatever you like

Pie Dough: Because you’re not going to make the Quiche in a premade shell

Waffles: Let go of the ego and make the real thing

MirePoix: This is the start of so many good things

Pesto: A few fresh ingredients can make magic

Tortillas: Take Taco Tuesday to the next level

Shishito Pepper: No matter how you cook these little bastards they’re delicious

The Loco Moco: If I had to pick my last meal, this would be in the top three

Mac Salad: This is for the Loco Moco above

Slaw: No BBQ is complete without it

Cornbread: This is reason alone to own a cast iron pan