Offical 2020 tour announcement

Once again the winds of change are blowing and it’s time for me to hit (well, stay) on the road and film a new series. I want to come and cook with you, my fans, in your Kitchens all over the US, and if I get the funding, possibly abroad. The goal is to show real Cooks and Chefs in real Kitchens, what drives us, what inspires us to keep going back. 

So what do I need from you? 

Well, this is going to be Indie and fan-supported so it works like this. You let me crash on your couch, put me to work for a few days and show me around. Got a special event? Hell yeah, let’s do it!!  Relax, I travel light and am a good house guest, plus I bring my own knives and can jump on just about any line you put me on so it won’t be a waste of time or money. 

Here’s what you get in return! 

While I’m there, I’ll promote the fuck out of you, your business and your town as I explore things from an insider’s perspective. Not only that but I’ll also be there to help you out with any issues you might be having and provide a fresh set of experienced eyes. 

Still interested? 

As of writing this, I have no idea what the hell is actually going on. If you want to be a part of this, it’s real simple, just email me via the Facebook page. While I like the idea of having a plan, it’s probably not going to work out like that and I’ll be doing this by the skin of my teeth. 

I will be setting up a Patron to help with the costs but until then, you can always donate directly using the link below. 

As scared as I am to take this leap, it went from being what I thought was a stupid idea to something that has snowballed into a project that a whole lot of you have made clear that you want to see happen. I’ve been in Kitchens for 27 years this summer, I’ve been lucky enough to live and cook in places that most people only visit on vacation and I’ve been running this site for over 7 so this is not a flash in the pan thing by any means. I want to show real Chefs in real Kitchens in a way that no one else has had the balls to do before. I want to show the cuts and burns and empty Red Bull cans next to the milk crates by the dumpsters and give the world a real taste of what it’s like to live life on the line. 

Again, if you have a couch and a Kitchen and want to help make history, email me on Facebook. If you want to donate cash, even just a buck, that’s just as awesome and even if you can’t, sharing the page and getting the word out about this project makes a huge impact to the success as well. I’m scared shitless yet looking forward to cooking with you folks very soon. Let’s get weird…….

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