To the Kiddies wanting to go to Culinary School

Earlier today I was enjoying and early spring day on my long board and was taking a bus back home after an amazing day of riding ( thank you Seattle!!!) and was questioned by a kid about my ink, my Chefs knife to be precise. The kid was in High School and thinking about going to Culinary School next year and was tripping to be talking to a “Real Chef”. He had far more questions than I had the time to answer so I wrote down this site and told him that I would take a few to address the pro’s and con’s. So here ya go Kid………..

* First off, I’m not sure if I’m a real Chef: I’m not even sure what the hell a Chef is anymore and yes, I have more than paid my motherfucking dues. I can walk into just about any Kitchen and be able to find the flow pretty quick. I might not know all the stupid terms but once I get the basic concept and idea behind a dish, heat is heart and food is food.

* Second, most of the programs are overrated and overpriced: I never went to school, I did it the old-fashioned way, I worked my way up from the dish pit to prep and then waited for one of the guys on the line to fuck up or call in sick. The first 12 years I was in the game I was doing other things, painting, playing music and it wasn’t till 05 that I got in the game full speed. But the thing is, if your serious about cooking, I think it’s better to work for really good Chefs and see what it’s like to work the hours and deal with the stress and the heat and this is what school doesn’t teach you.

Third, you can learn the Science but not the art: There are several great books that I read and re-read dealing with food chemistry, the science of all this. But that will only teach you the mental side of cooking. Great food comes from the heart and if you take one thing away from this site, I hope it’s that. You can give a great Chef a shitty Kitchen and he will blow you away because he’s still doing what he loves. You can learn the methods but heart comes from time and experience

Last and least important: Becoming a Chef is a lot like getting a tattoo. If I can talk you out of it then you where never supposed to be anyways. But if your heart is set on it, understand that once you cross that line and become one of us, you’re fucked for the rest of your life. But damn its a blast……….

In other news. It was waaay to nice for me to edit the video today and I know I’m being a slacker but not really. And since some of you have been a bit confused about some of the more, philosophical aspects of the site, I am trying to get my teacher to establish his own blog which I think the public needs and I think it would help this site make a bit more sense since its clearly not just about food.

And on that subject, I am working on several new drafts and may get one or two finished  tonight. I will warn you, the Green Dragon recipe is easy but so hot that its unholy. And as always, please take a few seconds to rate and share this blog with others since, this is really the only thing keeping me sane.

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