Mac Attack by Christina Johnson

I’ve known Christina Johnson since she first started cooking a few years ago and while she fit in the typical mold of the weekend warrior, something told me to pay attention, that this chick had talent.

She hasn’t let me down. In fact, watching her progress has been one of the more enjoyable things on social media.

The restaurant industry isn’t for everyone and after putting in her time at various restaurants, the lifestyle was taking her focus away from the food. Like a lot of Chefs, she went through a period of doubt and I explained to her that, she was a Chef and she needed to just find her place.

Instead, she just made her own.

She’s started making Macaroons, her way, all thriller, no filler. She wasn’t planning on selling em at first either but the demand was too great not too. These are not made in a factory, this is small batch, handcrafted with love baked goods. No, you don’t eat em every day but if you’re looking to impress or simply indulge yourself, they’re well worth ordering.  

Yes, it’s a cookie. But it’s one of the best damn cookies you will ever put in your mouth.

Christina knows she’s never going to get rich making these things but it’s what she loves doing. You fine people also know that I’m not the guy who endorses people or products unless they’re top shelf. Trust me folks, this is the good stuff.

Order them here

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