What you need to know about the upcoming tour and how you can help

The rumors are true and, despite the odds, I will be hitting the road once again to cook in random places for and with some very cool people. This time it’s going to be a lot stranger and there are a lot more variables on this misadventure.

For one thing, I’ll be traveling on the back of motorcycle and going solo from place to place and while I have an “Itinerary”, those involved understand that numerous factors are going to be out of my hands and that’s part of the adventure. To say that this will be an odd trip is an understatement and this is why we need your help.

Listen, I put a lot of time, money and energy into bringing you fine folks unique, one of a kind content that you won’t find anywhere else. That being said, it costs money to keep the wheels turning.

Yes, I’m asking for help.

I’ve got a month from when I’m leaving until I have to be where I’m going and I plan on making the most of every mile. The one thing that’s limiting me at this point is funding and this is where you fine folks come in. In order to help make this something worth watching, I’m asking you to throw in for “gas money” for this trip so that I’m not riding on fumes the entire time.

In return, you’ll get access to a special Facebook group that will be getting live, uncensored content directly from the road. Those of you who have followed my misadventures over the years know that I never fail to amaze and this is your chance to help contribute directly to the chaos. The more cash I have, the weirder this road trip will get. Given the fact that I’ll be hitting both Vegas and New Orleans for the first time, you do not want to miss the outtakes from the ensuing shitshow.

I’m in a bit over my head at this point

Seriously, I’ve pulled off some pretty outlandish stunts but this…. I’m really not prepared but I’m leaving at dawn on April 5th. Somehow I will pull this off but I need all the help I can get. If you have enjoyed the content that I’ve been bringing to you for free, for nearly 7 years now, here’s your chance to help out directly.

Much love and gratitude for all your support.

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