Debate me

Debate me




Do you demand answers? Do you feel the need to be heard? Are you so lonely that you’re losing your shit over a meme? Well, here’s the deal, I’m easy but I’m not cheap and my time costs money sooooo….

If you really want to debate me, it’s going to cost you and come with conditions.

Because I know most of you are paying for DUI’s and child support for kids you don’t see, it’s $300 for a half-hour that must be paid in full upfront. I know, most of you can’t afford it but oh well, tough shit.

Second, the debate will be on camera, I’ll be filming and have full rights and sole rghts to the footage and you have to show your face. If you’re not willing to do this, oh well, fuck you. Scared of losing your job? Don’t spew a bunch of stupid shit you can’t stand up to….




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