Vegan recipes

Here’s a collection of Vegan Recipes that I’ve published over the years without realizing it. Full disclosure, I still eat meat for a variety of reasons. That being said, I don’t take sides on the issue other than to say that there are highly vocal minorities on both sides that do more harm than good. Since I can’t talk shit about something until I try it, I did. I was full on Vegan while I was the Chef at a Yoga center in Hawaii 6 years ago. Its was challenging and while I did see a lot of benefits, it also made me even skinnier that I am naturally.

The following are recipes that just happen to not have any animal products while still being tasty as hell and are a good starting point for anyone interested in cutting back on animal products and trying some other alternatives. Give it a shot, it’s not as bad as it sounds and it sure as hell doesn’t have to be the all or nothing mentality that so many people claim it is.


You don’t have to add the cheese.