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San Francisco Pride 2024

Yesterday certainly wasn’t my first time at Pride but this was a bit different than the rest since this year is the first time I...
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Super Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes

Like most of my recipes, this one is going to require you to kind of feel out the amounts and trust your instincts. Remember, potatoes...
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I’ll make sure the Fryer’s off

Grief is a motherfucker so if this doesn’t make any sense, oh well, he deserved some kind of a tribute and he wasn’t exactly a...
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8 tips to help you take better food photos

Not to be rude but chances are, your stuff is never going to make it on the cover of Food and Wine. So? Those people...
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My San Francisco top 10

I love San Fransico, even after living all over the rest of the country, I keep coming back. While the city has changed a lot...
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Beavis and Butthead do the Universe

It was only a matter of time before someone with enough money and power decided to make this happen. The question was, would they be...
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The Kitchen

This my friends, is where the magic happens and life feeds life. Below you find some useful resources for both amateurs cooks and seasoned Chefs. 

The Methods to the Madness

Before you start cooking, you need to know what cooking is. 

The Basics

If you’ve never cooked anything but cereal, please take the time to read these articles


The more you know about what you’re working with the easier it is to play 


Most people eat this everyday so I had to include it. 


There are a lot of fun things to play with in this section.


The sauce can really tie the meal together, like a good rug in the living room.

Main Meal

This used to be the reason for the entire day and now no-one wants to cook at home. Lets fix that. 


Because most of you reading this are high

Green flags in the Restaurant industry

I’ve talked about the red flags and what you should be watching out for if you take a new job. Today, let's lighten up the...
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In gratitude of William

I didn't think I'd ever find out what happened to the guy. We'd been close for years before I hit the road but then lost...
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Tips for pulling in new business

While there is no magic bullet that will fix all of your problems, there are a few things that you can do to stack the odds in your favor.
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When does outrage cross the line?

On one hand I think that we should absolutely hold people accountable for their actions and at the same time, I’ve watched people take this...
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How to stand out in the job hunt.

Right now things are slowly getting back to normal and a lot of us are finally returning to work after this unplanned hiatus. This means...
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New Department of Labor regulations and how they impact the Restaurant industry.

Yesterday, the Department of Labor unveiled some new policies that are going to have a negative impact on those working in an already struggling restaurant...
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It’s up to us to fix the industry

So I just read this tear jerking article by some Chef talking about how the game is over for the industry and we’re all more...
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Why I switched to Hawaiian shirts

Sadly, due to a few idiots, I have to preface the following by stating that I hate these neo-nazi proud boogaloo bitchs or whatever the...
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Other Musings

I like to write and I tend to write about some pretty broad ranging subjects but since you fine folks seem to dig it…..


And other misleading terms 

The Do’s and Don’t….

Of the Booty call

You don’t own a life

A note about pets

How goat cheese

Opened my eyes….

Cook like you Fuck


Dating and Job Hunting 

The interview questions 

Attention Vegans 

The militant 2% are making the rest of you guys look bad 

If you’re not willing to kill it

You don’t deserve to eat it 

Why I don’t

give a fuck about awards….

How getting (back) into Kink

Made me a better man