Main Meal

This is the last meal of the day, when you finally get to sit down and relax.

The Loco Moco 

This dish sounds odd but it’s true local Hawaiian food at its finest 


Everything you need to know including how to make the dough

Hawaiian Corndogs 

Sometimes you get stoned and have a really good idea that works

Pasta from scratch

I understand why you wouldn’t do this every time you eat pasta but it is a nice treat


Old world comfort food at it’s best


I grew up cooking these in my parents sports bar in the 90’s….

Steamed Clams 

If you’re going to eat seafood, eat the good stuff


It started out as a German Bacon pie…

Trilogy Meatballs 

Bacon and two types of sausage


Fresh Seafood and citrus plus a little love and time.