While the following can more or less be eaten on their own, they’re part of something bigger

Caprase Salad

Similar to Bruschetta only without the bread…


This is a tasty little dish from our neighbors down south


Easy to make, it’s well worth learning how to play with.


Like rice only better

Shishito Peppers

While you might not be familiar with these, they’re worth trying.


Easy to make at home and way better than the store bought version


Fresh bread, oil, herbs, tomatoes and cheese…. I don’t need to sell you on this

Deviled Eggs

A true Southern favorite


Homemade is always better and this only takes a few minutes.

Fried Chickpeas

A long time favorite snack of cooks and Chefs all over since you can only eat so many Fries


Take Taco Tuesday to the next level.


First you need to buy a cast iron pan


This can be made a thousand ways but here’s a simple version you can adapt to fit your needs


They’re like Bananas but they’re not

Smoked Eggs

I wanted to see what would happen one day and they turned out pretty awesome.

Hawaiian Mac Salad

Because a Loco Moco isn’t right without it

Pickled Red Onions  

These add a little Sweetness and a lot of zing