Herb oil

Herb oil


A bit of heat, some fresh herbs a medium to capture the flavor, you have a lot of room with this. You can take just about any fresh herb and make a simple condiment with a lot of flavor.

Dill oil goes great with seafood and adds a bright green color to the dish. Roasted garlic with rosemary is a nice last minute touch to a steak.

Mise En Place

  • A pan
  • A blender


  • Fresh herbs (see notes) a handful
  • Vegetable oil (see notes) about a cup or two


  • Get the oil warm, not hot.
  • Place your herbs in the blender and give them a rough go
  • Slowly add the oil while blending
  • Let sit for ten minutes and strain (optional)

Other Notes

  • Want sage oil? Use sage. Thyme oil? Play with combinations.
  • Warm not hot! You need the oil to be warm enough to get the herbs to release their flavor but you don’t want to burn them. If the oil is hot enough to burn you it will burn the herbs.
  • Why not olive oil? Because it tastes like olive oil and will mask and overpower the flavor of the herbs. Same with peanut or sesame oil. At the same time you might want those flavor profiles so don’t limit yourself. Thyme is going to have a hard time standing out against a heavy olive oil but chili’s go great with the heavy body of peanut oil.

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