Boriqua Kitchen

Boriqua Kitchen

This place smells just like my ex’ so right off bat, I know it’s the real deal and not the watered down version. No bells or whistles, just classic Puerto Rican street food. We had heard good things about it but it’s all talk until you get your first whiff. Once that happens you’re hooked.

I don’t eve know where we’re at, San Lorenzo I think. We showed up early and by the time they were supposed to open, they have a line of 15 people waiting. They’re not randos either, it’s clear that most of them are from the island and are here for a taste of home.

The place is running a little behind on opening. These things happen from time to time regardless of how well you plan it. No one seems to mind having to wait since it would almost be like complaining to your grandmother, you just don’t do it or you go to bed without dinner.

I wasn’t even hungry when we pulled up but now, between the scene, the smell and the anticipation, I’m all about this place. I have no doubt that the food is going to be amazing.

Maybe it’s the adobo seasoning but I just want to sit in the car with the windows down and inhale this. It’s the perfect place to meditate, breathe in deeply through your nose, hold and exhale. Now repeat….

Am I falling in love? Is that what this is? I’m not even hungry and want to eat the entire menu. I’ve never hated being skinny so much in my life.

The food exceeds expectations. Big portions, fresh ingredients, tons of flavor. Those who stumble across this place on accident won’t forget it. You need to go check em out

Boriqua Kitchen

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