Spring has returned.

Spring has returned.

It was natural that I got up this morning before sunrise. Something primal knew it was the first day of Spring and that I needed to pay my respects. It’s been a long cold winter for a lot of us and yet, despite the odds and obstacles, here we are.

So what are you going to do about it?

We spend so much time bitching about the problems that we fail to actually do anything to fix em and it’s a pointless, endless cycle that I’ve even found myself getting wrapped up in. Meanwhile, things that we have the power to change and help grow get ignored and wither away.

I’m a skinny mofo.

Anyone who’s even seen a photo of me knows this and it’s the first thing the trolls point out when they’re unable to think of anything slightly original. It’s the way I’m built and true, I’m a heavy smoker but aside from that, the Doctors say that I’m in good health. At 40, I’m doing better than most.

That said, some recent events have put me in the position to start taking my health seriously. I can either sit and bitch about my current condition or I can make the choice to drink a glass of water instead of having another cup of coffee. I can do Yoga for a few minutes instead of stepping out for a smoke. The point is, I can take action on what I have power over instead of wasting my time concerned about the opinions of people who can’t boil water.

It doesn’t have to be major

I think one of the biggest setbacks people face when trying something new is this “All or nothing” attitude. I see it all the time with Vegans and this is what turns off a lot of people since they feel like they’ve failed if they eat a piece of bacon once in a while.

Some of the biggest results come down to just making a better choice in the moment. Sometimes you fall for temptation sure but it’s still a matter of mindset. Want to write a new book? You don’t have to hammer out 5,000 words a day, six days a week. But don’t just put it off on the back burner either. Knock out a chapter here or a few notes late at night and eventually you’ll have a foundation and it will start to come together naturally.

Get it on….

Things might be far from perfect, trust me, I get it. Buuuuuut, if you’re not in jail or the hospital, it’s not a bad day. Step back, twist a phatty, enjoy the sun and take a hard look at your world and what you have going on. Take action on the things you have sway over and don’t waste you’re time on the idiots.

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