Two fryer baskets and big flat top. Mills Hoagie and Deli.

Two fryer baskets and big flat top. Mills Hoagie and Deli.

Every city has a few hidden gems that never make the top ten lists and Mill’s on Seminary in East Oakland is one of these places. Ahhh, but there’s a reason that this place has been in business for over 34 years, they’re really good at what they do. 

Two fryer baskets and a big ol Flat top. That’s the hot line. Nothing fancy, no bells or whistles, no clutter at all. Clean, simple and efficient. They make cheese steaks and fries and that’s really about it. They don’t give a shit about being hip or trendy or having cool catchphrases on the menu because they’re too busy feeding the masses daily, despite the limitations of the situation we’re in. 

It’s a small place behind a gas station on a side street. The menu is one of the old school plastic signs that hasn’t changed since the 80’s and, unlike most places is authentic. Same with the white tile on the walls. It’s not retro, it’s real. 

The food is simple but good. It’s the kind of place that you better know what you want when you get up to counter since most of the time there’s a long line behind you. Most of these people have been regulars for years if not decades. 

$15 for Cheese steak, fries and a drink. There are no truffles or artisan bread, they use American cheese. But the subs are amazing and this is why people from all walks of life keep coming back. At any given time you’ll have guys from the local motorcycle club in line with college students right behind construction workers. It’s really a beautiful thing and it’s about as Oakland as it gets.

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