Compassion is not conditional

Compassion is not conditional

I know these people are trash and honestly, it disgusts me to my core to witness the sheer amount of selfishness we’ve seen over the past two years. Like most, I’m burnt out and pissed off but yet, even in this state, I still can’t stomach the idea of making a call that would cause them to suffer, and that right there is the difference. 

Compassion is not conditional. 

Yes, they are fucking stupid and yes, their actions have cost hundreds of thousands of lives. But I still can’t handle the idea of turning them away when they need it. I know a lot of people will disagree but please hear me out. If we draw a line, things get muddled really fast and soon we’re excluding more than we’re including thus becoming the very thing we hate. 

We have to love and practice compassion without conditions, even to those who would seek to destroy us. This is what separates us from them, this is the only thing. We’re not perfect by any means but we know better. 

It’s one thing to do something fucked up and horrible because you’re simply a stupid cunt who doesn’t have any sense. In a certain regard, that’s forgivable. What’s not as easily forgiven is when someone knows and has the choice yet chooses to be intolerant and malicious.  

Same with addicts. I fucking hate junkies and have even used an air horn to scare them out of my back alley because I don’t want used needles where I take my break. At the same time, despite how pissed I am, I’m still well aware that they’re sick and need help. It’s a disease, not a character defect. Just because I can’t stand em doesn’t mean I think they deserve to suffer. Trust me, I’ve done the 12th step a few times and my door is always open. 

My neighbor sucks. 

He’s a typical hypochristian with a flag in his front yard and he even uses a propane grill. In no way would I ever want to say more than “Hi” to the prick and yet, if (when) the fucker gets this, I want him to be able to get the best care possible. Yes, I know he’s actively trying to remove my freedoms and take away my rights but that’s because he’s trash and I’m not. Let him be a fucking moron, I’m still obligated to practice love. 

This is the line. 

At the end of the day, they’re going to face their maker and I’m going to face mine and at this point, I have plenty of shit karma already due to my own ignorance. Yes, they’re stupid and dangerous and should be kept out of restaurants and things of that nature. But just because they’re stupid and want to see others suffer doesn’t give me the right to do something I know is wrong. 

Right now my brother is in the hospital with this shit. Not because he didn’t play it safe, he did, he got the shot, avoided people, etc. The thing is that his kidneys are trash and while this thing might be able to be shrugged off by some as a mild flu, it’s killed a whole lot of people who were in much better condition than my brother is. 

I’m so pissed off that I’m shaking right now and yet I still can’t cross that line. Honestly, I’m rather amazed that I haven’t put my fist into the side of a brick wall just to feel anything other than this. It’s because of assholes like my neighbor that we’re still in this mess and why my brother is in a hospital 3,000 miles away. They claim it was about freedom but the fact is that it’s because they’re selfish and didn’t want to be mildly inconvenienced. 

Yet despite all this, I still can’t possibly justify making a choice that I know would cause direct suffering to another person. Maybe it’s not the best close but you get the point.

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