Thor had a really bad week

Thor had a really bad week

I read something today that pointed out that everything that went down for Thor in the MCU, happened in 8 years + the 5 after the snap. He gets kicked out, falls in love, redeems himself (in just the first movie) and then goes on to lose both parents and then his home gets destroyed by his bitchy older sister, oh, then he ends up a gladiator at some point before Thanos murders a bunch of his people. And something about Elves I think….. 

Anyways, that’s a lot of shit for anyone to deal with in an entire life but here’s the problem (yes, I know he’s a fictional character but I’m stoned) he’s 1,500 years old and this means that time doesn’t work for him the same way it works for most of you reading that. I’m saying this because take for example a 5 year old, 6 months is a 10% of the kids existence. Meanwhile, if you’re 50, that same 6 months is only 1% of your life. Are your following the math? 

For Thor, 8 years is just .05% of his life.

Let’s say he’s 30 by his people’s standards. This means that everything we saw happened in what was only about 5 and a half days for him, then he went on a well-deserved weekend bender because seriously, who wouldn’t? You meet the girl of your dreams, get dumped, lose your family, watch your home burn and then get your ass handed to you by Grimace on roids in the span of a week and you’re going to need some self-care too.  

Here’s where it gets kinda personal for me.

The dude loses his parents and then has to turn around and see em again, in the span of what’s less than a week at best. I lost my Old Man six years ago this month and it’s still something I struggle with. Loss is loss and I don’t care how battle-hardened you are, losing your Old Man is going to seriously mess your shit up for a minute. To still be grieving and have to see them again right after, I mean damn….

Ah, but here’s the thing.

Even when everything else was total shit, he still stepped up for his friends when called in on Monday. So the next time you think you’re having a bad week, remember everything he went through and go save the day regardless. 

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