Who the f*ck is Mike Wilcher?

Who the f*ck is Mike Wilcher?

Who is Mike Wilcher and why are you going to start caring? I’ll explain…

It’s often the most inconspicuous of scenarios that can shift a person’s entire life and such was the case on the first day of 8th grade at Gildersleeve Middle school. It was a simple conversation, I commented on his backpack that he had gotten at the local Army Surplus store. Then we started talking about weed and since he was grounded, I told him I’d grab him a nickel bag if he smoked me out that afternoon. This was 1994 and it was Mexican brick shit weed but it got the two of us high as fuck.

For the most part we’ve been friends since

I say for the most part since he’s a total raging asshole, just like me. There have been years that we didn’t speak and yet we both knew if shit really hit and we needed one person we could trust to help bury a body, we’d could always count on the other to bring the shovel bleach and not ask questions.

It’s always been one of those unspoken things. I’ve gotten the call a few times out the blue and I’ve also showed up unannounced after months but I’ve always been welcomed in as family.  

He’s a very dangerous man

It’s not his gun collection that should scare you, it’s the way the motherfuckers mind works. He’s as crazy as I am and smarter in a lot of respects and this scares me. I know that a simple trip to get markers for prints could and often does go of the rails with him. This is also why he’s done most of my tattoos.

At the same time, he’s kept me from doing some not funny, amatetur hour bullshit on numerous occasions. That being said, we’ve also been is handcuffs a few times together as well.

We were never supposed to amount to shit

Ah but the joke’s on the now powerless who said we couldn’t but to whom we replied “Fuck you, yes we will!”. Somehow I’ve been able to gain some level or credibility as a Chef and he’s become hand’s down one of the best Tattooers around. We’ve both been able to travel all over and get to see and experience way more than two stoners from this shithole ever should have.

He’s smarter than you think he is.

Do not let the face tattoo’s or taste in beer fool you (who the fuck drinks Coors?), the guy knows his shit. There have been far too many times that I thought he was talking shit only to find out that his info was correct. He’s also the first to admit when he’s clueless about something but he’s a fast learner. Case in point, I built his website but he watched me, figured it out and has been keeping it up to date and growing since the launch.

Because it makes sense if you think about it

That’s why we’re working together. Two twisted minds collaborating is going to amount to some pretty interesting content and even once I leave for the next leg of the documentary, we will still be working closely together while I’m one the road. In the meantime we’ve already been able to interview Reel Big Fish and we’ve got a few other events planed soon.

I get bored easily but for the next few weeks, I’m lucky enough to share an office/studio/lab with the lunatic. After spending two years with someone who constantly shot down my ideas, it’s a nice change to be in a creatively fertile environment.

Mike doing my knuckles

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