Loki, deception and LSD

Loki, deception and LSD

I’ve studied this stuff for years and the only thing that I’m sure of is that I really don’t have a clue how it works or how to make any sense of it. I know what I know if you…know what I mean? After living in Hawaii for a few months on two separate occasions, I know that Pele is real and powerful and she doesn’t like me very much. No, I never met an old woman on the side of the road or anything like that, but damn if I wasn’t constantly aware of her. The island is alive.  

My encounter with Loki was a bit different. While I’m not sure if the person I was with was literally the Trickster God, I know he was there, pulling the strings and making his presence known. This thing biting at the back of my neck the ride up, knowing that I was on my way to deal with some shit.

Keep in mind that I’m not superstitious but it was on a Friday the 13th and I had managed to get the night off at the last second, right as the situation was coming together. My lover and I had talked about her trying psychedelics and I had given her my whole speech about how they’re amazing but should be used wisely. Suddenly an old acquaintance of hers who she hadn’t seen in years had come across what he claimed to be was some mind blowing LSD.

Fun fact, every Drug Dealer in the history of Drug Dealers says their shit is the best.

The ride up was nothing but traffic until we headed east towards the coast. We had planned to take our time and enjoy the ride but by the time we got to anywhere of interest, we didn’t have much time to spare to take it all in. Oddly enough, we had to go through Deception pass. Because of course we did, the whole situation wasn’t weird enough. Normally I go into these things with more of a reckless attitude but I was also feeling abnormally protective over my partner.

The guy could have been a double for Jack Black.

Not only in looks but mannerisms, speech pattern, that fucking psycho look in his eye. Had I already been high when I showed up, it wouldn’t have taken much to convince me that he wasn’t Jack Black himself. And he was wearing a “I love Boobies” T-shirt because of course he was.

I know when I’m in the presence of forces greater than myself and I was well aware that I had bought the ticket and there was no turning back. I was getting ready to go on one hell of a ride whether or not I was ready for it.

I should also mention this was at a trailer park.

In the middle of fucking nowhere. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing and I’m not talking shit about anyone, I’ve partied in Alleys and Mansions everywhere from Kentucky to Oakland and I try to be cool with everyone, I’m just trying to give you a better visual of the situation I was facing.

Everyone did the basic introductions, how was the drive, what have you been up to, the basics. Jack/Loki and his neighbors were cool and we smoked a joint while enjoying a rather impressive view before going inside for the main event. Jack was stoked, my friend was slightly nervous and I was skeptical about how good this stuff really was. Loki said he watched the guy make it and it was top shelf. Honestly, I don’t know enough to know if he was full of shit or not. What I do know is that I’ve done enough LSD to know good from shit and great LSD is rare. This is why I’m also pretty picky about who I get it from and don’t do it very often. Plus I much rather eat mushrooms.

Just because it has a pretty design doesn’t mean it’s good. But in this case it did.

What? You think I make this shit up?

Her and I took 2 hits each which, I thought was a bit much for her first time if the stuff was as good as he said it was but I figured I was there to keep her safe so why not let her get the full effect. Loki took 3 and he was already an interesting character. It took about an hour for it to really kick in and at that point it was time for me to step outside for a smoke.

This is when you really find out how hard your tripping. You open the door and see the world and you know your fucked in technicolor. It’s a beautiful experience.

I didn’t want to say anything when the road started forming waves coming at me and I started getting that nasty battery taste in the back of my mouth but I was feeling it. My lover just got really quiet as Loki proceeded to show us his collection of oddities. This is when we tried to go to the beach but another friend of his pulled up and decided to hang out.

Call me an asshole but I didn’t trust either of em but I had no problem with doing their drugs. If shit hit the fan I might have been outnumbered but I’ve got a high tolerance and I’m a fucking savage.

To say that the sunset was memorable would be a bit of an understatement.

It was around this time that I was, to put it bluntly, tripping my balls off. I’m perfectly fine with this as long as I don’t have to deal with anything else. I’m cool with the colors and shapes and the distortion of space and time. The only problem was that it was my friends first time on the other side and wasn’t sure what to make of it. Like a lot of people tripping for the first time, she at one point thought that she had died. She was concerned about this but calm and it was pretty easy to get her grounded again.

Oh the stars….

One of the things I truly love about the country is being able to look up and really see the stars. Not just a few constellations, I’m talking when you look up and it the sky is almost shimmering and you understand how small you really are. It’s the same sky that my grandfather looked up at and the same that we have for thousands of years. We’re still hudleling around the fire just like we always have been only now it’s our phones. We still don’t know what we’re doing or why we’re here. Nothing has changed. The stars still humble us.

I came down pretty fast. Well, I thought I did. Until we decided to leave. My lover swore she was cool to drive and looking back it was stupid to even let her attempt to. But I thought that she had come down and was fine. I could have driven other than the fact that my license is suspended and I don’t want to go to jail. Especially while tripping. We should have stayed but it was hard being around Loki and I couldn’t drop my guard or relax around the guy. I sure as fuck wasn’t going to sleep and I wasn’t leaving her.

We said our goodbyes and as soon as we got on the road we both realized it was a fucking bad idea. We tried to team up, I was keeping her focused and she was trying to stay calm. Ah, but we were in the middle of nowhere and she said she knew the way home. She didn’t…. We had to turn around after driving back mountain roads for 30 minutes.

She was ready to have a breakdown and I told her to pull over. The fear of dying had me tripping again but I’ve driven on chemicals before and I was way better off then her. I was scared shitless of getting pulled over but my logic was that we would be way more likely to encounter police if we were sitting on the side of the road. I was not trying to deal with the cops while tripping and was damn sure not trying to deal with them with a freaked out 22 year old who was also tripping whose family would kill me, rightly so.

My goal was to get to a hotel, any hotel at any cost.

I could handle the drive and getting through check in. Fuck, I had taken on O’Hare airport on 5 hits of liquid while peaking, I could do this. Fuck the Gods, it was up to me to keep her safe.  

Using a smartphone while tripping is a nightmare but I found a place, 14 miles away. Ok, no problem, turn around and it’s a straight shot. Just find another car and stay behind at a safe distance and just be cool. Flow with the traffic and don’t draw attention.

She was not happy about me driving. These roads required focus even sober and I was not sober, not at all. Her freaking out the entire time didn’t help matters much and I had to explain that pulling over was a bad idea. Aside from the cops, who knows what type of drunks would be driving at that time of night and not see us. So yeah, it was a test of my metal.

Somehow I did it. I drove past a cop and kept my cool despite knowing full and well what would happen but getting this chick home safe, or really anywhere safe, was my only concern. Of course the hotel was full. And it was the only one for like 30 miles.

The girl was in a panic and I figured we’d just play it cool and I’d figure out something or drive to the next place. She, she called her parents. And had them come get us. Now granted, this was a much safer idea then us driving and dying or killing someone else. But it also meant that I got to meet her parents at 3 am in the parking lot of a hotel in the middle of nowhere, while still coming off of some of the best acid I’ve ever taken.

I’m not stupid so I didn’t stop her and I figured that, worst case her dad would punch me and leave me on the side of the road but she’d be safe. Now, it’s not like I had done anything wrong but when your 22 year old daughter calls you to pick her up and she’s upset with a guy like me, you hit him. That’s what I would do and I was ready for it even if I didn’t deserve it. Think about it, it was her friend, her idea, she was going to do it with or without me and it would have been irresponsible on my part to not come up and make sure she was safe the entire time which is what I did. And I paid for my own acid.

It took them close to two hours to make it across on the ferry and get to the motel. They didn’t really know what was going on and I wasn’t going to explain that their daughter was tripping. She told them she had had too much to drink and panicked and they were cool about it. Much to my surprise, her dad not only didn’t punch me, he offered me a ride back to the city.

You’d think that by the time you hit your 30’s, meeting the parents wouldn’t be as awkward. You would be wrong. I felt like I was in high school all over again with the emphasis being on high. You trying making small talk with a chicks dad at 3 am while high on good acid, go right ahead and tell me how that turns out. She sat in the back and ate snacks and smiled knowing she was safe. I tried to not say anything stupid and much to my surprise, I didn’t or at least if I did, he didn’t kick me out.

Is there any kind of a moral? No….not really. Other then from time to time, the stars align and the Gods take form. Do I really think it was Loki that I was tripping with? No… Do I think Loki was there pulling strings and enjoying the show? Without a fucking doubt. Just when you think you have a clue, life comes along and shows you how small you really are in the universe and humbles you.

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  1. Margaret

    Good story. I think my parents wouldn’t make a two hour ferry trip for me in the middle of the night. Not when I was 22. Not now. They’ve done a hell of a lot for me. But, nope.
    The details are good. That this character Loki was making you edgy, besides being a look alike of Jack Black. What did he do that made you not trust him ? It’s interesting.
    The whole Pele experience. I’m curious how she manifested.
    I’ve met cooks and chefs who had uncanny abilities to geuss what you were thinking. Who picked up on your thoughts. If I was REALLY pissed and thought ” Fuck You Chef ! with true and total fury that chef would stiffen and turn around and look at me. No lie. It’s real. You gain more sensitivity cooking. Innate abilities get honed. And all the logical, rational, scientists etc who say it’s not ” proven, ” are wrong, and scared. Full of it, basically.

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