If it was a choice, I’d be Bi…

If it was a choice, I’d be Bi…

Of all the things I never thought I’d have to write about, this is in the top 5. Sadly it turns out that some people still think that sexual identity and preference is a choice that we make. These people are fucking morons and while I could go into the science of it, what really matters is that I’m a raging slut. 

If sexual preference was a choice, I’d be Bi. 

Yeah, you read that right. If it was up to me, I’d be bisexual. I love to fuck as much as I love to cook so please, tell me what sense it would make for me to exclude half of my potential partners? That would be like me saying I had an allergy to something and not eating it because…… I can’t really think of a metaphor because it’s just that stupid. 

Everyone knows I’m a freak….

While I don’t exactly go into details about my personal life, it’s pretty common knowledge that I’m sex positive and have been into what most people consider to be “kink” for a while. Not to brag but I’ve done things that most of you trolls only get to jerk off to with women that wouldn’t give you the time of day. The point is, there’s no shame in my game and if I was in any way attracted to dudes, cool, there would be no closet to come out of because I don’t give a shit. 

My friends and family are more than used to me doing some rather outlandish stuff on a regular basis and they still love me. Other than a bunch of narrow minded assholes, nobody would care. Hell, even my friends that go to Church wouldn’t give a shit as long as I was being safe and happy. Trust me, they ain’t shocked by anything I do anymore…..

But I am a supporter. 

Just because I’m not gay or bi or whatever, doesn’t mean for a second that I’m going to sit back while others try to take away their rights. Just because I’m not into something doesn’t make it wrong or mean that others shouldn’t be able to engage in those activities with other consenting adults. 

Those of you stupid enough to try to talk trash by calling me various homophobic slurs, you don’t get it, it’s not an insult. All you accomplish by doing this is showing the world that you’re a scared, weak bigot who ain’t smart enough to say anything of value. Way to go!!!

“But they’re forcing their lifestyle dur dur blah blah” 

For the record, I’ve been in the bar bizz for a long fucking time. In that time, I’ve had two, as in one plus one, two incidents where a dude continued to hit on me after I made it clear I wasn’t interested. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve had to tell a guy to leave because he couldn’t take no for an answer and was making a female uncomfortable. The point is, your fears that gay people are trying to force their agenda and lifestyle on you is total bullshit. Never once in my life have I had two Queens show up at my door and invite me to a drag brunch (which would actually be pretty cool) but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told missionaries and snake charmers to get the fuck off my property. 

And no, Drag Queens are not brainwashing your kids….

The only agenda they have (to the best of my knowledge) is to read stories and help kids become more tolerant of diversity. Don’t like it? Don’t take your kids to the library, it’s sure as shit not like you ever paid any attention to it before. Hell, half of you motherfuckers in an uproar can’t read over a third grade level anyways. 

Stop and think for a fucking second…..

Seriously, think about what you’re saying when you make some bullshit claim like this. You’re saying that these people don’t deserve rights. You’re saying that they made the choice to be ostracised by their friends, family, church, jobs. Why? Why would anyone put themselves through that unless they were living their truth and who the fuck are you to deny them that? 

We all make choices…..

In terms of how we dress, how we pay the bills etc. We don’t choose our race, we don’t choose our gender or sexual preferences. If you want to talk shit, talk about the person’s character, talk shit about their sports team or how they drink their coffee, that’s a choice, that’s fair game. 

No no no, no one is taking away your freedom. Fuck, I actually encourage you to show your colors and let people know how you really feel. Just understand that there are going to be consequences for your actions. If you want to discriminate against certain people, fine, go for it!!!! Just understand that, not only will you lose their business, you’ll also lose the business of their friends and family as well. But again, no one is saying that you can’t be an asshole. It’s funny as shit that so many of you are scared of the rights you’re trying to take from others being taken from you yet it’s all “Freedom, Merica, Liberty!!!!”. The part that you vermin miss is where it says “For all”, not just hetero white property owning Christain males. 

In closing….

Be a bigot, be a racist, be a total piece of shit, that’s your right. Just know this, the times, they are a changin……. Your mentality, your views, they’re going to die with you. Be as pissed off as you want but the fact is, you’re powerless to do anything. Yeah, it’s going to take a few more generations and there will always be people who hate others because they’re just defective as people but at some point, things such as sexual identity and skin color, they won’t matter anymore.

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