Tip caps on the Chipotle app?

Tip caps on the Chipotle app?

Obviously, someone saw the meme and decided to take action. Unfortunately, they decided to order through the Chipotle mobile app that, get this, won’t let you tip more than 50% of the order. Now think about this, get mad and get ready to hear one of the dumbest excuses ever. 

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It’s to prevent human error….

I’m not buying it (pun intended) for two reasons. First of all, regardless of your total, you’re still manually entering the tip amount. So it doesn’t matter if your bill is $20 or $200. Now, I can see if the app only had percentage options such as 15%, 20%, 30% and would tell you the amount and let you choose. Most places do this already since most people can’t do basic math. I can also see, if they decided to continue to allow you to manually input the tips, if the system had a warning for anything over, let’s say 50%. That’s totally reasonable. But as it stands right now, you simply can’t do it. 

I can’t say that I won’t eat there until they fix this since I was never a fan to begin with and there’s a great taco truck that’s closer to my place and has better food anyways. I’ll gladly pay an extra $3 for a real burrito. 

What can you do? 

Well first off all, you can stop supporting these chain restaurants. Sure, they’re convenient and consistent but they’re also mediocre at best. Small businesses are struggling right now and unless we go out of our way to support them, we’re going to get closer and closer to that endless hellscape of strip malls and fast food while the culinary scene completely dies out. 

The other thing that you can do is stop using apps like Ubereats and the rest of them. They’re not good for small businesses while they might have good intentions, they cause more problems than they solve. Lastly, and I say this for both delivery and in-person, ALWAYS TIP IN CASH. It might not sound like a big deal but trust me, tip in cash.  

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