Top 5 reasons my mother is awesome

Top 5 reasons my mother is awesome

Yeah, it’s Mothers Day and I’m running out to the Kitchen so this will be quick. That said, my Mother deserves 20 minutes and a few hundred words since it’s the least I can do for the woman who has yet to give up on me and still to this day pushes and inspires me. Here are the top 5 things that I love about her.

She’s cooler than Stevie Nicks

If you don’t know Fleetwood Mac than please take a minute to look them up and thank me later. The point is, while singer Stevie Nicks wrote about the life of a gypsy queen, my mom was living it. Like me, she’s traveled all over the place and been more than successful at everything other than marriage (just like me). She’s had some serious highs and some major lows and kept on going.

She’s a fucking survivor

I’ll spare the details other than saying this. I consider myself a pretty tough son of a bitch (it’s a compliment)yet, when I think about what she was going through at my age, I know I would have folded several times over. Not only has she managed to survive, she’s been able to thrive against the odds.

She ran 3 restaurants.

She went from being a dancer to opening a strip club back in ’89. Next up was a sports bar in ’92 and then a fine dining place in ’96. Yeah, my stepfather was there but all he did was drink and run his mouth. It was my Mother who kept the businesses running and making money. Pulling this off once is a miracle in the industry and 3 is something to brag about.

She’s always had my back

Our relationship hasn’t always been the best for various reasons but it was always an unspoken thing that if shit hit we’d be there. Despite me making some serious mistakes, this woman has always been there and I don’t know how she’s done it. Take my word for it when I say that raising me was not an easy task, plus she had two other kids, a husband, and a few restaurants. To this day I can call her at any time and tell her the weirdest thing you can think of and she’s cool with it and there to give me sage advice.

She can out party me

No, seriously, this woman can put me under the table and make me feel like an amateur. I’m not talking about drinking or drugs, I’m talking about real living. She’s not really that crazy, she’s just fearless as fuck and now in her 60’s she really starting to live. She’s still hungry to learn and is making the most of every day and doing a lot more than most in their 20’s.

Bonus points

While we didn’t always have the best relationship, as we’ve gotten older we’ve gotten closer and I see how much of my personality, my ethics, and my drive are a direct result of her. It’s weird how much alike we are. I wasn’t always the best son and she wasn’t the best mother. That being said, we’ve found common ground and and I’m lucky as hell to have her in my life. I love ya Mom…

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