What I’m Thankful for this year (2020)

What I’m Thankful for this year (2020)

Well this, even by my standards has been a fucked up year. Now, it’s one thing when shit’s hitting in my world but it’s a whole other beast when just about everyone of you has been impacted by this madness. Never could I have imagined our industry being in this state. Alas, there is a whole lot of good and reason to celebrate. Here’s my list, in no order at all 

Snakes still don’t have wings

Laugh all you want, that’s the point but when I walk outside, one of the few things I don’t have to worry about are flying snakes. It’s the little things like this that really make a difference in my day. 

I’m not in jail. 

All I’m going to say is that this past summer in Oakland was a hot one and I’m ever so thankful that things have cooled off. It might not be a good day but if I haven’t had to deal with the Cops or the Hospital, it ain’t been a bad day. 

Trump ain’t in office much longer. 

Now, it’s not the end of the problem, we still have a long way to go but it also shows that people can in fact come together and make a slightly less shitty choice. I’m not a fan of Biden but I’m looking at him as a short term rebound while we recover from an abusive asshole. While far from ideal, it’s better than staying with the piece of shit. 

I’m still cooking 

Half the fucking time I don’t know why I’m still doing it but when I get out of my head and just start working with food, it all makes sense. I hate the industry and yet my love for food has only increased through the years. It’s not like I don’t have other options but when it comes down to it, the Kitchen is the only place I feel normal in. 

Ya’ll motherfuckers

Seriously guys, I’m constantly blown away by how cool my fans are and this year I even got to meet a few of you. You’re the reason I do this and I have to say, it’s humbled me and made me a better person and a better Chef. It’s an understatement to say that I feel the love I want you to know that I’m working around the clock to bring you folks a bunch of cool new articles and videos as soon as this stupid ban gets lifted next week 

That said, by all means, I’m doing this for you and I want to know what you want more of. I love the feedback and want to make this a resource for you. On that note, I will say that I’m in the process of putting together some very useful tools for you to help you run your Kitchens better but we’ll talk about that more soon. 

Until then, please, by all means, support me on Patron so I can continue to do this. Thanks and as always, Cook like you fuck. 

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