Why I switched to Hawaiian shirts

Why I switched to Hawaiian shirts

Sadly, due to a few idiots, I have to preface the following by stating that I hate these neo-nazi proud boogaloo bitchs or whatever the fuck they’re calling themself this week. I’m all about love and equality for all regardless of color, faith, or any of that other bullshit narrow-minded idiots freak out about. Now on to the fun stuff….

I’ve always been a bit uptight and East coast. I hate being late and for the most part I’m go go go 18 hours a day. Gotta hustle and make those dollars, feel me? Anyways, I also have zero fashion sense and, as a result, my style or lack of has led me to wearing more or less the same thing since I was 15. Boots, blue jeans and a black t-shirt. Say what you will but the classics never go out of style and it’s always a safe bet plus you can always up your game with a black button down and get classy but it’s the same concept. I never wore bright colors, I always went for serious and stoic for some reason. Then I started having a series of nervous breakthroughs, no that’s not a typo, breakthroughs

For one thing, I stopped letting people call me Chef

Regardless of my position and asked to be called either by my name or just “Dude”. I was and still very much am sick of the ego involved with the title, ironic since I worked so hard to earn the fucking thing. Which leads to the jacket. 

They’re fucking hot, they don’t breath and they make people look like uptight assholes. I was done with that and while at a thrift store I found this bright blue and white flowered Hawaiian shirt and bought it for $3. Never in my life had I worn anything like this before but fuck it, I was losing my mind and having fun with it so why not? In turn I learned a few things. 

First of all. 

Oh…. my…. Fucking God, they are sooooooo much more comfortable than a heavy ass Chefs jacket, they’re light, they breath well, they’re built to be flexible in and they also do a hell of a job hiding stains. The other thing is that, well I have a temper and that’s not going anywhere any time soon but I found out that it’s really hard to be pissed off when you’re wearing one of these things, it’s like you’re just wrapped in this chill “fuck it bro” attitude. You can’t take much seriously while wearing one is what I’m trying to say.

In turn, my food started getting better because I was actually having fun cooking again for the first time in a while. The flip side to the coin is that when you do finally get pissed and have to stand up, doing it while wearing a bright floral print shirt is oddly more intimidating than wearing all black and trying to look like a badass. You’re letting them know from the start that you do not give a fuck. Hell, you might already have bloodstains on the shirt but you can’t tell.

Yes, I do still have my old Chefs jacket

I keep it at the ready when needed but for the most part, for me at least it’s overkill. I was 17 the first time I put one on and it took years of work to really understand what it meant and earn it. Like everything, there’s a time and place for it and at a certain point, you start to grow and move on. Given a reason, it’s there when I need it but the last time I wore mine was the night we found out about Bourdain and did so out of respect. Other than that……

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