Building the team

Building the team

You’re only as good as the dumbest motherfucker on your crews and while a lot of people think that it ends with your staff, it doesn’t. People tend to forget that while there might be a few hundred restaurants in the area, we’re all still in the same game and your reputation has a major impact on your career. Fuck over the wrong people and it will come back to bite you in the ass.

Your crew is bigger than you realize

If you’re interacting with someone, they’re either working with you or against you. I’m not saying kiss ass or be fake, hell no. I’m saying that the chick taking your produce order is going to remember you so make it a good memory. She’s tight with both the reps and the drivers and can make sure that delivery is on time or if a “mistake” happens. Same thing goes with your drivers, you might not realize it but chances are you will work with them at another place down the road. Offer em a soda and some fries and they’ll make sure that you get your order on time.

Same goes for the customers.

Yes, most customers are one night stands who, like most women I’ve slept with, you’ll never hear from again. Regardless, you treat all of them special since a few of them will turn into regulars and it’s these people who come in once or twice a week that are often the reason payroll clears. You don’t need to be that jackass who spends half the night kissing Karen’s ass while your crew is in the weeds but you do need to make the most out of your interactions and, most importantly, listen to what they want. If you’re good, if you’re real good, they’ll follow you to the next place, along with your dishwasher and Sous Chef.

In closing..

It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world and karma is a bitch. Cooking is the easy part of the gig, it’s earning the respect of the people you work with that’s a bit more difficult. Are you going to have the reputation for being a total asshole and screaming at your staff or are you the person who keeps their cool and is always laughing when things go sideways? That waitress you thought it was funny to make cry? Yeah, she’s going to be the GM at your dream job 5 years from now and will be the reason you don’t get the gig. Don’t be fucking dick.

By the way, if you dig what we’re doing and want to help,

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