Have some Integrity…..

Have some Integrity…..

Integrity: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. 

So recently it was announced that some employers are going to start requiring workers to be vaccinated. Of course, a whole lot of people don’t like it and I get that but in this case, eh, tough shit. One woman claimed that her boss was going to fire people starting in September and I support her boss. 

“Can you just give them fake document saying your vaccinated how do they know” 

Oh that was painful to type out….. But it’s a real quote from Daniel T of, get this “Integrity *****”. Let the irony sink in, I’ll wait. 

Of course I quickly reminded him that, first of all these records are stored on a cloud, in Cali at least and that second, he was suggesting that she commit fraud. Then I proceeded to see how he felt about Mexicans or other foreigners doing the same thing.

I wasn’t kidding…..


“Maybe he’s just busy, I’ll email him” I thought and so I did. I asked if this was the policy of the company and if he lied to customers about his and his employees vaccination status. Still nothing despite the fact that I offered to provide screenshots of the post and explained that I was running a story. 

Here’s the point

You can feel however you want about something but the bottom line is, in order to function as a society, we all have to compromise from time to time and do things we don’t like for the greater good. I’m not a fan of this by any means but I’m also not a selfish bitch. 

If you don’t want to get vaccinated, I have to support your choice, out of principle, because I’m not a hypocrite. That said, you have to understand that there are going to be risks and rewards for either choice. 

Lying about something like this is putting people’s lives at risk, plan and simple. My concern is that this guy is going to lie to get a job and be carrying some kind of mutant variation and get some kid or grandma sick because, he’s too selfish to compromise and second, doesn’t have the backbone to be honest about it. 

This is no different than lying to a partner about birth control or STD status because you know if you’re honest, you’re not going to get laid. 

Furthermore, when confronted about it, he deletes the comment and won’t respond to emails. If the guy had any integrity at all, he could have at least responded and told me to fuck off and I would be able to have just a sliver of respect for him. Instead, he’s going to slide back under his rock and mumble bullshit about libtards and antifa while slowly facing the fact that his ideology and selfishness no longer have a place in this world. 

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