Hey Steve!

Hey Steve!


I have every reason to hate your guts and when I woke up and saw the missed calls, all that anger went out the window. All I could do was smoke a joint and shake my head. I honestly thought the whole thing was squashed. You crossed the line, ran your mouth while drunk then you folded like a fucking towel when I called you out. Want to beat my ass? Cool homie, you’re local, give me a time and place and we’ll handle this shit. But no, you blocked me and as far as I was concerned, it was over and I had made my point. 

Then I wake up to this

It didn’t invoke rage, it prompted empathy and pity. Dude, you’re a fucking drunk, face it. 6 months ago you couldn’t last til 6 without going into withdrawals and physically needing a drink. That shit doesn’t get better on its own and I know you’re not in treatment. So what’s up???? 

Let’s get something clear, you’re a shitstain to me. The only reason I’m writing this is in the hopes it might wake you up before your toxic bullshit spills over hurts someone who actually matters to me. 

You can’t deny what I’m telling you and even our mutual friend has said it, he knows your a drunk. Now, I don’t give a fuck if you die in a gutter, I really don’t. On the other hand, I am very loyal to our friend who’s taken pity on your sorry ass since you wouldn’t be able to get away with this shit anywhere else. You’re a timebomb and again, I don’t care about what happens to you, choke on your vomit. But our boy is going to catch shrapnel and so are a whole lot of other good people who have put up with this. 

Are you really this stupid?

You selfish fucking bitch, you don’t get it, do you???? Fuck me….I really have to spell this out for you, don’t I???? You drink, heavily,  on the job and there’s no way you leave that place under the legal limit. Best case, you get pulled and lose your license which you more than deserve. Worst case, and what I’m worried about, is you getting into an accident and our friend losing his liquor license and potentially his business because he servered you. Again, I don’t care about your well-being, I’m looking after my boy and the rest of the staff there. 

What fucking part about your behavior putting other people’s lives at risk are you too fucked up to get man?!?!? 

Last night, while you were drunk as fuck and looking for a fight with someone you were so scared to face sober that you blocked like a bitch? Yeah, I was sleeping peacefully. 

I know you’re going through a lot of shit

I know the sting of losing your Old Man and now, on top of that you’re having to take care of your mom and God only knows when the last time you got laid was though at this point, I doubt you’re much use to a woman. You’re stressed to the max, pissed at the world, and lonely as fuck. Meanwhile, you’re trying to overcompensate for your insecurities with booze and ego, trying to convince everyone you’re a fucking badass. I get it, I was there for a while after my Old Man passed and then I had to face the fact that I was toxic as fuck to those around me, just like you are now. 

You’re not a kid

You’re a full-grown man so step the fuck up and stop being a bitch. You know you have a problem, you know God damn well that your drinking is out of control and getting worse. I’m asking you how bad is it going to get? How many people are going to get hurt? You’re barely functioning right now, it’s only a matter of time before drink yourself to the point of brain damage if you haven’t already. For fucks sake man, not only are you doing this to yourself, a whole lot of not shitty people are going to get hurt, a few of whom I’m fond of. 

Dude, we both know you talk shit you’ll never back up and God fucking forbid we see each other in person, I welcome you to take a swing. I wish you’d man the fuck up and get it over with instead of wasting my time. But you have bigger issues to deal with you wet-brained motherfucker. 

Yes, wet-brained

You’re what’s called wet-brained, you’re body is physically dependent on booze to the point where, and this is no fucking joke, it might actually be dangerous if you quit without medical help. I’ve seen this shit before and lost people I actually loved as a result. I’m more than willing to bet you have the shakes, badly until you have a drink don’t ya? At this point, you’re probably also sneaking drinks during your shifts too. You are aren’t you???? Oh for fucks sake you are too predictable. 

Live or die motherfucker

I don’t care. But word to fucking God and on my Old Man’s name, if you fuck up and our boy and his business get hurt you’ll see how savage I am first hand. 

Man up and get some help, for some reason there are a few people who have your back and will get you into treatment. It’s either that or you’re going to die from your own stupidity

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