It’s not censorship, it’s just not your venue.

It’s not censorship, it’s just not your venue.

At this point I’m used to the constant stream of verbal sewage that’s spewed anytime I post anything of relevance. In a way, it’s a litmus test and I haven’t really hit my mark unless I’ve pissed off a few people along the way. In this day and age, I don’t even have to try. While I respect your opinions and will listen, the second you cross the line, become aggressive or disrespectful or start hurling insults, you can fuck right off. 

I get it, I suck.

You don’t like something I posted and now you’re butthurt and I’m the asshole for posting on my own page. Let me guess, I’m a tweaker, a libtard, snowflake, commie, antifa, my food sucks, I’m a poser, I’m a hipster, I’m a fag, I’m a hack job, I should kill myself. Okay, cool, it’s fine you feel that way and I’m not saying that your feelings are wrong, I just don’t care. 

It’s not censorship.

There you go using words you don’t understand again Kyle, no this is not censorship. This is the difference between public, where you have rights, and private, where you don’t, such as my page. In public, on your own page, you can say whatever the fuck you want to and I’m not trying to infringe upon that in any way. 

The page? It’s my venue, and what I post is what it is. If you don’t like it, oh well. You don’t walk into a punk venue without paying and then get pissed they won’t play Skynyrd . Or maybe you do and if so, you’re an asshole. The funny thing is that often the people who talk the most shit are the ones with the least talent. 

I’m not saying I won’t listen.

I love my fans and there have been several times that people have pointed out things that made me say “Damn, this person has a solid point, let me work on that.” and have attempted to change things so as to better appeal to my audience. I’m still learning and more importantly, I’m trying to understand the needs of my fans because most of you are awesome. But once you cross the line and start acting like an ass, I just faze over the remarks since I’ve heard it all before. 

Chances are, I don’t like you and I sure as shit don’t respect you. 

That said, I totally support your right to scream what a total poser piece of shit I am at the top of your lungs, but you’re not going to use my platform, my stage, to do it from. Go give me free advertising and promotion and show everyone what a whiny little bitch you are, by all means, I’m not trying to stop you. 

I don’t owe you an explanation. 

No, you really don’t matter to me and I don’t owe anyone who’s not paying my bills the time of day. I don’t have to explain myself, I don’t answer to you or anyone and, as this thing continues to get bigger, my patience for the bullshit is wearing down fast. The majority of you aren’t looking for a constructive dialogue, you’re looking for a fight and it’s really a waste of my time that could be better spent doing just about anything else so what I’m saying is…..have a great day.

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