Soy Caramel

Soy Caramel

This is a simple caramel sauce with a couple of twists. Second, we are going to add a bit of Soy sauce as well and this is going to give the caramel just a bit of salt that will make it more aggressive tasting compared to the standard version.

Mise En Place

  • Small Pot
  • Whisk


  • 1 cup of sugar
  • ΒΌ cup of water
  • 1 cup of heavy cream
  • 4 oz butter
  • 2-4 oz of soy sauce

Method of Preparation

  • Dissolve the sugar in the water on high and let it come to a low simmer for a minute.
  • Whisk in the cream
  • Whisk in the butter
  • Whisk in the soy sauce
  • Remove from the heat, continue to whisk and let it cool and thicken up


  • Goes great on Brownies, Ice cream etc
  • Please be careful when making this since boiling sugar burns like nothing else.

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