You might get fired today

You might get fired today

I’ve been in the industry long enough to know that, each day could be my last and that my income is based on the whims of people who know far less then I do about the Kitchen and cooking. It’s a sad fact but the simple truth is that rarely is there any loyalty in this game and for the most part, we’re just pawns used to increase revenue. Either you’re an asset or a liability, you’re making the business money or you’re costing the business money. 

Oddly enough, we’re supposed to sacrifice our best interests for the sake of the company. Time away from family and friends with the odd hours and the wear on our own mental health that often leads us into addiction as a way to maintain the illusion of control. 

This is more or less why, after nearly jumping off the Ballard Bridge last year, I made the choice to step back and, as a result, became a better Chef. I started cooking at home again for the people that mattered to me, I started cooking food the way that I knew I should be and wasn’t worried about how much my plate cost (within reason) and fell in love with the process again. I also got my life back, I got to spend time with my nephews and started riding a motorcycle. I took the time to heal. 

Now, I’m getting ready to head into a place that I know I have no chance of fixing. The manager clearly has some bullshit beef with me and is hell bent on getting me out of the place. Why? Who the fuck knows, it could be a thousand things, it really doesn’t matter to me. The food is, let’s just say, not up to par with what I’m used to but again, it doesn’t matter, it’s still food, it’s still life that sacrificed itself and entrusts me to give life to others. It’s easy to remember this when you’re butchering whole animals, not so much when you’re frying premade items that are served with gallons of ranch dressing every night. 

What I’m trying to say is this folks. Love the food but fuck the game. Don’t ever let yourself think that any of this shit is worth jumping off a bridge for, trust me, it’s not. Don’t let that greedy ass owner stop you from going to see your favorite band, if the guy is worth working for, he’ll understand. Last but not least, get a hobby or two, it will help keep your mind from hitting tunnel vision with food and keep you fresh in the Kitchen. Happy holidays folks, cook like you fuck


  1. Gil Pena

    Ballard Bridge is for Pussies, Aurora bridge is the shit. Go big or go home. I do serious corporate cooking and a fuck ton of catering, all fancy shit. Give a fuck or don’t do it all


    1. admin

      Wow man…….what the fuck is wrong with you? Is this what you would say to one of your cooks or your brother? Maybe? If that’s the case then clearly I’m here to counterbalance your total lack of empathy and compassion. You’re going to tell me to suck it up, stop being a bitch, etc etc. The fact is, it’s really a front. Either you’re totally lacking a soul or the tough guy bullshit is a front for a whole lot of shit you must be dealing with. All fancy shit I’m sure but based on the comment, your food clearly lacks love. I was pissed when I first saw this, now I just feel bad for you.

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