You gotta eat first

You gotta eat first

Service work is one of the most valuable tools that we have in our, I guess arsenal of humanity. At the same time things can get carried overboard.

I used to have a friend that worked for the red Cross and one of the most important stories that she would tell is that when she was working aid relief her bosses would always make sure that the aid workers ate first and ate all of their provisions. It sounds selfish, why are you giving these workers food first they should be giving away this food right?

The thing is the leaders knew the aid workers would be useless, and in fact a liability if they weren’t taking care of themselves first and foremost. They knew the workers would start to get tunnel vision and lose their ability to be objective. If this happened then the workers would in turn become the very people that they were trying to save.

The point is you got to learn to take care of yourself first. You stretching yourself too thin you’re going to end up hurting yourself and becoming a liability to those who you were trying to help.

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