One of the easiest methods in all of cooking is often one of the most overlooked so before I cover anything else, lets talk about Brining.

All Brining means is to take a piece of meat and soak it in cold water with equal parts of Salt and Sugar for 6-24 hours depending on the size of what you’re working with. For most things I keep it simple and follow the ratio of


  • 1 gallon Cold Water
  • 1 cup of Kosher Salt
  • 1 cup white sugar


Unlike a marinade, you’re not using an acid to break down the proteins, you’re using a chemical reaction called osmosis to saturate the cells with moisture. The sugar helps to make sure that the meat doesn’t get too salty.

Now I know of a lot of people that use more salt, omit the sugar and add bay leaves but again, I’m trying to give you a foundation to work from and see what suits you. But guys, check this out. If you know you have a hot date to cook for, this is one of the easiest ways possible to make sure that the whole Chicken, Pork loin, whatever, comes out moist and tasty. Just prepare it in the morning and it will make a massive difference. If she’s vegetarian I’ve you covered on that as well.


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