Hawaiian Corndogs

Hawaiian Corndogs

Strange yet enjoyable….just like me.

Ever get really high and come up with an idea that sounds so weird that it’s actually worth trying and doesn’t land you in jail? Well, that’s what happened with this. I’ve been playing with some Polynesian flavors and missing the Island something bad and this just happened.

The best part is that it worked and people loved these. It’s more or less glazed spam that’s been tempura fried and then served with your choice of sauce.

Mise En Place

    • Fryer setup
    • Small pot
    • Tempura set up
    • Knife and board
    • Bamboo skewers


    • 1 Can of Spam
    • 1 Batch of Tempura batter
    • Cornstarch for dusting

Method of Preparation

    • Soak the bamboo skewers in water (so they don’t splinter )
    • Set up your fryer and heat to 350°℉
    • Cut the SPAM into 8ths and cook in the Citrus Soy Sauce for about 5 minutes or so them pull out and let dry.
    • Dust them with cornstarch and insert the bamboo skewers
    • Dip in the Tempura and fry for 2-3 minutes until light and golden.

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