Steamed Clams

Steamed Clams

Steaming Clams is a simple way to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary with only a few simple ingredients. Like most things, everyone has there own way to make this dish but I like to keep it basic so that you get the flavor of the clams. The white wine, garlic, shallots and butter only serve to reenforce this.

As with all seafood (hell, food period) you need to make sure the clams are fresh and clean and smell like the sea.

Mise En place

  • Knife and Board
  • Two medium pans Ingredients
  • Fresh Clams, about a pound to two pounds per person (See notes) * Garlic, about a tablespoon minced
  • Shallots, about a tablespoon minced
  • Butter, 4 oz
  • White Wine 4oz
  • Water, as needed
  • A bit of chopped Parsley


  • Rinse the Clams in COLD WATER and discard any that are still open or broken
  • Heat up the pan, add a little of the butter, get it hot.
  • Add the garlic and shallots and toss for a second to get the flavors going
  • Add the Clams, white wine and the rest of the butter and cover
  • Let it steam for 3-5 minutes until the clams are wide open exposing the goodness


  • Make sure that you are using FRESH CLAMS, check to make sure that the shells are closed tight and unbroken
  • A pound or two sounds like a lot but most of the weight is in the shell so you’re not getting that much meat, plus, if you’re going to eat this dish, you might as well indulge

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