The Loco Moco

The Loco Moco

Easily one of my top five favorite meals of all time, the Loco Moco sounds strange until you find yourself shitfaced in Hawaii at an L&L Barbecue. In this case you’re open minded enough to try whatever the locals recommend and chances are, this is what you’ll be given.

It’s a simple plate consisting of steamed rice, Mac salad, a beef patty with gravy and a fried egg on top. One bite is all it takes to win most people over and this dish has saved me from many hangovers both on the Islands and on the Mainland. Yes, it’s a bit of work to make at home but it’s well worth it during the cold winter months.  The following will make enough for two.


    • Knife and board
    • A medium pot
    • A small pot
    • A pan
    • A Whisk


    • Mac Salad
    • 1 pound of ground beef divided into two patties
    • 2 cups of rice
    • Beef stock (see notes)
    • Roux (see notes)
    • Mac Salad
    • Furikake
    • 2 egg

Method of Preparation

    • Make the Mac Salad a day ahead of time so the flavors can blend
    • Get 4 cups of water boiling in the medium pot and cook your rice.
    • For the gravy: Mix about a quarter cup of butter with enough flour to make a roux in the small pan and get it to brown (don’t burn it)
    • Slowly whisk in the beef stock till it reaches the desired consistency but don’t thin it out too much.
    • Once the rice is ready, pull it and fluff it with a bit of the Furikake
    • Cook your beef patties in the pan and set up your plates with your Rice and Mac salad.
    • When the patties are ready, plate them and then cover with gravy
    • Use the same hot pan to cook the eggs, place on top the patties and hit with another dash of Furikake and serve.  


    • Let’s be real, 99% of you are not going to make stock from fucking bones. When you make gravy, buy a good stock and take the time to make a proper roux. This makes a ton of difference in the final product.
    • If you go to Hawai’i, you need to eat this.

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