This is one of the least used methods that people cooking at home use and I get it, hot grease burns like a bitch. But the truth is, as long as you use a digital thermometer, pay attention to the temp and don’t overload the fryer it’s not that hard.

The first thing you need is the biggest pot you can find and enough vegetable oil to fill it 2/3 of the way full. First off, anything you put in the oil is going to cause the level to rise and anything you put in is also going to cause the oil to bubble.

Temperature is key for this. The big number you want to remember is 350°F. This is what 99% of fryers are set to. The reason being that if the oil is too cold it won’t cook the food and whatever you’re cooking will be greasy and soggy. If it’s too high the oil will burn and then boil and burn the shit out of you.

Different oils have different “Smoke points” I.e. the temperature that the oil starts to smoke. This is bad and you want to avoid it. This is also why you spend a few bucks on a digital thermometer so that you know for sure the exact temperature and don’t have to guess.

If things do go sideways and it does catch fire use Baking Soda to put it out. This isn’t a joke. In fact if you’re reading this book just get the box out right now.

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