Anarchy doesn’t always mean chaos

Anarchy doesn’t always mean chaos

It’s a common misconception that the term Anarchy has to mean chaos and disorder. It doesn’t, it simply means an absence of a ruling class. In order for this to happen, we have to learn how to work together. 

It’s idealistic and impractical yet painfully simple. The powers that be have convinced us that we are so fucked up and stupid that we need them to tell us what to do, that we need to obey for our own good. It’s control based in fear. 

The term “Culinary Anarchy”…. 

First off, I was plastered when I came up with it. Rooted in frustration, it’s from a deeper understanding of how food and cooking work. Recipes are cliff notes but when you’re behind the stove, when you’re really getting into it, there are no rules, it’s all about the feeling, the connection. Some of the best meals I’ve ever made have been in some strangers apartment in the middle of the night. No rules, no expectations, just food, heat and instincts. 

Even in the middle of a Friday night rush, it’s the same thing. Even if you’re replicating the same dish a hundred times, you have to be able to let go of your mind and find the groove. If I’m worth a shit as a Chef, I shouldn’t have to scream orders, my crew should function like a band during a performance, we should be fucking jamming. When the orders start rolling in, we should know what needs to be done and how to do it effortlessly. 

Unorthodox? Yes, but I’ve found that it’s a hell of a lot more effective than being a dick to my staff. If I train my crew to work as a team, I don’t have to be an authority since we’re all working together for the greater good. 

In terms of the government? 

We need roads, lights, a basic infrastructure. I’ve got no problem with paying taxes for this kind of thing. As long as they understand that they work for us. Does that mean I want them telling us what to do with our body, how to pray or any of that? Fuck no! Do I think businesses need to be regulated in order to make sure they’re acting ethically and not poisoning us? Yeah, sadly it’s needed until people stop scamming people. 

I don’t have the answers. 

This whole thing is a work in evolution that’s growing constantly. I’m growing as a person and my perspective has widened because of what I’ve experienced writing this and working in Kitchens. I’ve tried to shift my focus away from the ego and go back to the roots of why I fell in love with food in the first place. 

Every day we walk in the Kitchen and we do our best with the food, the crew and the equipment we have to work with. Sometimes we have to learn how to abandon the rules and get weird if we want to shine. 

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