Like it or not, politics are part of the Kitchen

Like it or not, politics are part of the Kitchen

It had to be done. A deep cleaning of sorts to remove the vermin from the ranks. If you’re expecting any kind of remorse or regret, you are sadly fucking mistaken.

It’s not a matter of personal preference.

We’re not talking about how far strip clubs have to be from daycares or a raise in the local property taxes. No, we’re talking about freedom and liberty and the fact that our constitution is being pissed on. There’s a big fucking difference between raising the speed limit and the supposed leader of the free world spreading lies, inciting violence and costing lives.

Politics does have a place in the Kitchen.

Like it or not, politics has a major impact on what we do in the Kitchen. From labor laws to agriculture to when a lot of us are going to be getting back to work, we have to be aware of what’s going on. Point blank, I don’t work with racists and while there’s a lot of off color humor in the Kitchen, there’s always an underlying level of respect.

I’m too lazy to bother being racist, I’ve got too much other shit to deal with. I really don’t give a fuck where you come from, what God you pray to, or who you fuck, as long as show up on time, handle business and have table 9 up when I call for it, we’re cool.

I’m also not going to work for or with someone who is going to pay people less because of something arbitrary. I’m not going to have them promote idiots because of skin color and I will always stand up to this bullshit. What? You think I’ve never been fired before?

Hitler wasn’t Hitler right out of the gate.

He didn’t lay out his plans for trains and ovens at first, he started small and systematically attacked opposition. We forget his rise to power was slow and steady. We only see the outcome but ignore the steps it took for him to go from being an art school reject to the sack of shit we remember him being.

You’re really telling me that you can’t do better?

Seriously? That orange clown is the best you have? Really? Okay, let’s ignore his policies for a minute and talk about the man. How the fuck….why would you let a walking cartoon represent you? You’re really telling me that you can’t find one person (obviously a heterosexual white Christian male) who can form complete sentences? You can’t find another puppet poster boy for white power? Aren’t you motherfuckers supposed to be the superior race?

I guess it comes down to finding someone you can relate to. This is how most of you would act in any position with any kind of power….

Some of you assholes want a race war.

You’re not Americans, you’re nazi scum who has no fucking right to wave our flag. You don’t believe in equal rights, you’re scared of anything that looks different than you. You stupid fucks have been brainwashed to fear the world around you, but you’ve never experienced it firsthand.

Wanna know why I’m so “liberal”? Because unlike the majority of you simple minded motherfuckers, I’ve actually lived and worked with people from other cultures. I’ve spent the majority of my adult life traveling as an outsider and getting to know people outside of my social circle.

Guess what, there are total assholes in every group. And there are also some really cool people as well. I’ve met all of the stereotypes and met exceptions to all of them as well.People are people wherever you go. If you’re cool and you show respect, you’re going to meet some really cool people. If you’re a judgmental prick, you’re going to meet assholes. It’s really that simple yet somehow too complex for simple minded people to understand. It’s also really sad to think about how much of the world they miss out on due to their own fear.

The numbers don’t lie….

Someone commented on the fact that I was going to lose “60%” of my fans. The truth was that, even with me having to block a few people, I lost less than 1% of my audience. At the same time, several hundred people were very happy, not only with the message but that I had the balls to stand up for what I believe in, to stand up for them. I don’t make any money from this site and I probably won’t.

Mass appeal has never really been my thing so why bother? I’ve been running this site for nearly 8 years now and I could write about the importance of using a sharp knife and morons would come out of the woodwork telling me that I’m a meth head an idiot, a cuck, libtard etc. So fuck it, I might as well piss off people for a good cause.

I don’t have the answers.

Honestly, I hate politics. I don’t see any of them that I trust or that I think have any real moral backbone. Power corrupts and our entire system is rotting from the inside. The worst part is that it’s our fault. We let this happen. We ignored things like the patriot act and let em take away our rights and freedoms for the sake of security. It’s standard procedure, they knew exactly how the public would respond if they put the right spin on it.

I don’t advocate violence but when the powers that be ignore the cries of the masses, we are obligated to take action to preserve our freedom. The nation is in crisis right now because fucked up and failed us. Our friends and family are dieing, our businesses our shutting down and our way of life has drastically changed. The question is, how bad is it going to get before the masses rise up and take back the power?

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