Don’t be afraid to mace a motherf**ker

Don’t be afraid to mace a motherf**ker

I’d like to say we’re living in strange times but the fact is, it ain’t ever been easy for women at any point in history. There’s always been a percentage of men who are just vile and have no respect for limits and boundaries. Unless you stand up and put these fuckers in their place, they will hurt you to get what they want, without hesitation or remorse of any kind. 

That’s why we have pepper spray!! 

It’s cheap, readily available and best of all, highly effective at putting a punk bitch in his place. Not only do I encourage my partners to carry it at all times, I encourage them to use it when need be. 

I am not victim blaming by any means with the following. Women have been taught for centuries to be passive and put up with shit you shouldn’t have to. It’s no surprise that when encountered with that shit, you respond to it the way you’ve been taught. I’m trying to encourage and inspire you to stand up for yourself. 

“But I don’t want to hurt him?” 

Okay no. First off, fuck him and his feelings. If you’ve made it clear that you’re not interested, uncomfortable, etc and the guy continues, it’s clear he doesn’t care about you or your feelings. Second, while highly effective, it’s non lethal and if anything, causes more psychological pain than physical since you never forget getting your first facial (come on it’s funny). Lastly, with a range of ten feet or so, if a guy gets that close and won’t fuck off, don’t risk your safety. 

I hate violence, I teach meditation, blah blah blah, but if I’m put in a situation where I’m in danger, I don’t hesitate to take action. Neither should you. 

“But I don’t want to get arrested. ” 

Trust me, you won’t. When the cops show up, whose side do you think they’re going to take, the screaming nut job? Or the girl who was trying to protect herself using a legal, non lethal means of self defense, from a nut job trying to potentially rape her? 

You might even save someone else’s life. 

Just because he didn’t try to rape you, doesn’t mean he won’t try it with the next girl. Guys like this get bold because no one stands up to them. A shot of mace is a fast, effective way to learn humility real fast and will make a motherfucker think twice about trying that shit again on you or anyone else. 

Don’t flash it

If you tell the guy to fuck off and leave you alone and he’s still approaching you, don’t warn him, don’t pull the mace and wave it around. Pull it, aim and use it. Don’t give him a chance to try and disarm you. 

You will get bit. 

For a variety of reasons, when you use mace, you’re going to get a little on you and it fucking stings. I’m not saying you to discourage you, just to set a “threshold of threat”. If the guy is enough of a threat for you to be willing to deal with a bit of discomfort, don’t hesitate to take action. 

Break contact

Spray and get away. Don’t stick around and let him try to get up, he’s going be blind, pissed and in pain. Get your ass away and to somewhere safe and well lit then…. 

Call the police 

While I was writing this I called a friend of mine who I used to teach women’s self defense with who is now a cop (and a good one at that) for feedback on this article. One thing he asked me to add was that, as soon as you do break contact and get to a safe place, call the police immediately. This way, you have a chance to explain what happened and the cops have a chance to find the guy. There’s also a chance that the guy might have warrants out anyway so you might be doing civil service. 

So what should you get? 

You have lots of options so let me keep it simple. You want something that’s a GEL with DYE. Gel won’t blow back if there’s wind as a spray will. Plus, the first thing the dipshit will do is try to wipe his eyes and smear it all over. The dye will allow for easy identification by law enforcement.

I hope that none of you will ever have to use this information but the statistics are ugly as fuck. Don’t let an asshole cross the line. Stand up for yourself and, if need be, put a bitch down if he gets out of line. Real men respect limits. 

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