Helpful hints when starting a new job

Helpful hints when starting a new job

I’d never really consider myself an expert on any subject yet I can say with all certainty that I’ve got quite a bit of experience being the new guy in a variety of circumstances. 20 years on the road and over 100 restaurants under my belt I know a thing or two about walking into new situations. No matter what it’s going to be a nerve-wracking situation but there are ways to minimize the awkwardness. The following tips should help you avoid confusion and common mistakes in the workplace. First of all…..

You’re not shit

You might have been King m*********** or your last place but when you start off at a new place you’re the low man on the totem pole regardless of your title. Even if your new job is to run the restaurant you still have to work your way up and are under respect of the staff.

You don’t know shit

Things that may have worked for you at your previous gigs might not always work at the new one. You have to stay humble and open and be willing to learn their way of doing things.

Never go in with your guns blazing.

This is one of the most common mistakes I see when people take over a new kitchen. For some reason idiots think that they need to establish dominance. This never ever fucking works out, at least not well for the person trying to pull it off. The best way to handle it is to go in and try to learn from everybody, see what they’re doing, and find out what’s working.

Make friends with everyone

Even the douchebags and trust me there will be a few douchebags. Everyone plays a role and your job is to find your role. If the first impression that people get from you is one of tension then that sets the tone. If you go in with an open-minded attitude you’ll make things a lot easier and a lot smoother for everybody involved.

You’re not really friends with anyone

Call me cold-hearted and jaded but the simple truth is most of the people that I work with now, I’m not going to know in a year. Granted they’re definitely been a few exceptions and I’ve made some great friends in the industry but these have been few and far between. There’s a reason to keep a separation of church and state. Be friendly but don’t be personal with these people, at least not at first.

Keep an open mind

Even if you know what you’re doing chances are the business is successful for a lot of reasons. Best thing you can do is take the first two weeks to learn as much as you possibly can from everybody from the dishwasher on up to the owner. Don’t be afraid to ask questions don’t be afraid to sound like an idiot if you’re not sure about why they’re doing something a specific way maybe they have a reason maybe you can show him a better way all in all stay humble.

In closing

Jobs are like relationships you can always learn something from each of them even the bad ones. The thing is the majority of the reason is situation is a success or a failure often comes down to your own attitude. you go in with a good attitude even if the situation turns bad you’re still going to come out on top but if you start things off of the s***** attitude there’s no way they’re going to work out. As always cook like you fuck.

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