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Unorthodox. Uncensored. This is a site about food, cooking and life. If you don’t have a sense of humor or are easily offended then enter at your own risk. For the rest of you…

The goal of this site isn’t to give you a bunch of recipes but to give you a solid understanding of the basics so that you are able to create in a Kitchen for yourself. The recipes are “Blank Slates” and are purposely kept simple so that you are able to play around with the concept.

Take a look around, we cover a wide range of topics. Start here if you’re looking for Kitchen how-to or check out the Break Room for hedonistic entertainment.

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Smoking with Forrest


Mike Derks: The man behind the mask

Mushroom tea










Glass and the future of THC

Want to show off off your Art and be featured on Culinary Anarchy? We are calling for submissions for all food and cooking tattoos for an online gallery!!!

Please contact us via Facebook (and please like and recommend it)  and include
*A clear photo of your Tattoo
*Your name and location
*Where you cook at
*The name of the shop and Artist who did the work

I’m looking forward to seeing some amazing Art!!!

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May 24th 2014
I know Im a slacker who’s irresponsible and lets this site go down more often than a truck stop hooker. I’m making a serious effort to turn things around. For now just relax and enjoy the day…..

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